Deployed Service Members

  • Many holiday memories and traditions are centered around food. When far from home, we crave the familiarity of our favorite, homecooked meal. While service members cannot come home to their dinner table from deployment,  they can receive USO Comfort Food Packages. Help provide a taste of home after long, stressful days on the frontlines.

  • Help us welcome our heroes home to let them know that we are proud and thankful for their courage and sacrifices. This gift helps the USO in outfitting a homecoming and support holiday exodus (when service members travel home for the holidays) so that our troops know just how much their service is appreciated the minute they step off the plane. 

  • When you can't see a loved one, the next best thing is to hear their voice. This holiday season, help service members connect with their families with phone calls home. The USO Phone Calls Home package allows service members to hear their loved ones' voices from thousands of miles away.  

  • Video games are always popular items on holiday wish lists, but did you know that it's a key way that service members stay entertained and relaxed during their down time? Help keep our heroes entertained with everything they need to play video games or to watch movies in the most remote locations.  

  • Help give military kids a gift they will remember forever - a story read to them from their deployed parent. This gift funds one recording of a service member reading a bedtime story on camera to send home to their children through the USO Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program. 

  • For service members, "home" for the holidays can mean a military base or even a dash shelter. And for service members stationed overseas, holiday dinners with their friends and family are not an option. This is why the USO offers homecooked meals to service members on Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and other major holidays. Just one meal can make all the difference by providing our men and women in uniform with a connection to home when they need it most.

  • As part of the USO mission, we go where the service members go - but we can't do that without the help of our Mobile USO Units. Outfitted with every amenity like a brick and mortar USO center, these units include televisions, game consoles, air conditioning, water, snacks and more, our Mobile USO  Units are true road warriors. Whether it’s to help with homecomings and deployments, or to support service members working as emergency responders in the wake of natural disasters, our Mobile USO Units are there where our troops need us. Your gift will help us get there. 

  • The USO goes where no other nonprofit can to keep service members connected to everything that gives meaning to their service. You can support our outreach efforts that go beyond our physical USO centers and help strengthen troops located in some of the most remote areas in the world. Your gift will help the USO send a USO2GO package full of comforts of home  to  service members,  to include items such as furniture, televisions, gaming systems, music equipment, snacks, toiletry products and more.