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USO supporters stepped up to meet generous matching gift offer.

But we can't stop now. Please give today to do even more for our service men and women!

  • image of Books for the Bases

    Whether it’s a long flight home or a short break on base, a good book can mean so much to our men and women in uniform. Help stock our libraries.

  • Send our service members a much-needed taste of home.

  • image of Deployment Kit

    Make sure our service members have everything they need to start their deployment with this kit that is handed to them as they prepare to leave for the front lines.

  • Electronics Kit

    Help keep our heroes entertained with everything they need to play video games or to watch the newest movies in the most remote locations.  

  • image of Fill the Films Library

    A good movie can be a great way to relax – even more so when you’re far from home. This collection of DVDs will make sure there is always something good to watch.

  • image of Game Night

    Our troops work long and stressful hours. So when they get some well-deserved time off, they like to get together and have a good old-fashioned game night.

  • image of Welcome a Hero Home

    USO staff lift the spirits of tired troops as they step off the plane with hugs, handshakes and an escort to a stocked USO center. Help give them the thanks they deserve.

  • Phone Calls Home

    Bring a loved one's voice to service members around the world.

  • image of Family Fun Day

    At USO centers, our military families have a place to relax and enjoy their time together. And with this gift, you can give a special day of fun for a military family.

  • Reading Program

    Give our heroes the chance to read their children a bedtime story.

  • image of Tech to Connect

    Whether it’s emails home or a special Skype session to watch the birth of a child, today’s technology keeps our service members connected to their loved ones.

  • image of Holiday Care Packages

    Provide some holiday cheer and make sure our troops know they are at home in our hearts with this holiday box.